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Kuykendall Family

December 01, 2013

Doni and I enjoyed spending a morning with another neat family--Chad, Cindy Campbell & Blake.

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James Family

November 29, 2013

Bruce and Kelly enjoying the holidays with Rachel, Laura and Meredith.  Doni & I had an absolute blast capturing the family fun with Bruce surrounded by four beautiful women!

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Burns Family Holiday

November 24, 2013

Doni and I spent a fun evening with the Burns family for holiday pictures.  A beautiful family at a incredible location!

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Papedo Family

November 24, 2013

It was a cold, Colorado morning with snow on the ground when Doni and I photographed the Pepedo family.  We were warmed by their beautiful smiles and enjoyed capturing their family moments!

_MEJ0683_MEJ0683 _MEJ0779_MEJ0779 _MEJ0851_MEJ0851 _MEJ0865_MEJ0865 _MEJ0903_MEJ0903 _MEJ0933_MEJ0933 _MEJ0971_MEJ0971 _MEJ1024_MEJ1024 _MEJ1032_MEJ1032 _MEJ1170_MEJ1170

Hale Family

October 27, 2013

What a colorful yard to photograph great people!  Doni and I enjoyed capturing the fun times with the Hale family!

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Goetz Family

October 20, 2013

Proud dad (Doug) surrounded by beautiful women--Carrie, Shelby, Sydney & Logan as captured by Doni and I in typical Colorado fall colors!

_MEJ1707_MEJ1707 _MEJ1641-2_MEJ1641-2 _MEJ1757_MEJ1757

Donny & Melanie Engagement

October 20, 2013

Doni and I had so much fun spending some time with Donny and Melanie for their engagement pictures.  Their love for each other is evident in their smiles and playfulness with each other!

_MEJ0857_MEJ0857 _MEJ1000_MEJ1000 _MEJ1238_MEJ1238 _MEJ1114_MEJ1114 _MEJ1183_MEJ1183 _MEJ0844_MEJ0844 _MEJ1278_MEJ1278 _MEJ1252_MEJ1252

Joel Dawes

October 19, 2013

It's hard to believe Joel is a senior in high school this year.  Doni and I have enjoyed watching Joel grow up and it was fun spending some time with him this afternoon!

_MEJ0603_MEJ0603 _MEJ0614_MEJ0614 _MEJ0621_MEJ0621 _MEJ0780_MEJ0780

Todd & Trina

October 18, 2013

Doni and I had so much fun with these great friends and I know it's hard to believe but I think Trina is just as competitive as Doni.

_MEJ0134_MEJ0134 _MEJ0355_MEJ0355 _MEJ0300_MEJ0300 _MEJ0368_MEJ0368 _MEJ0409_MEJ0409 _MEJ0469_MEJ0469 _MEJ0274_MEJ0274 _MEJ0398_MEJ0398 _MEJ0181_MEJ0181


October 18, 2013

Just as Doni and I were finishing a photo shoot--Bullwinkle decided to join us.


Wheeler Family

October 15, 2013

This family has fun...which made it easy for Doni and I to photograph Terry, Karen, Alisa & Chase.

_MEJ9663_MEJ9663 _MEJ9710_MEJ9710 _MEJ9834_MEJ9834 _MEJ9934_MEJ9934 _MEJ9782_MEJ9782 _MEJ9787_MEJ9787 _DJJ7374_DJJ7374 _MEJ9738_MEJ9738 _MEJ9699_MEJ9699 _MEJ9921_MEJ9921

Burns Family

October 11, 2013

Doni and I were holding our breath on the weather--minutes before it was raining and blowing really hard and then turned into a beautiful sunset as we completed the photo shoot.  What a great family with two pilots (Joe & Kim) and two very photogenic kids (Jackson & Angie).

_MEJ1413_MEJ1413 _MEJ1432_MEJ1432 _MEJ1465_MEJ1465 _MEJ1484-2_MEJ1484-2 _MEJ1496-2_MEJ1496-2 _MEJ1520_MEJ1520 _MEJ1531_MEJ1531 _MEJ1546_MEJ1546 _MEJ1563_MEJ1563 _MEJ1578_MEJ1578 _MEJ1581_MEJ1581 _MEJ1592_MEJ1592 _MEJ1778_MEJ1778

Wally & Tara Hayasaka Wedding

September 27, 2013

The incredible wedding of Wally & Tara at the beautiful Beaver Creek resort in Colorado.  Congratulations--so glad Doni and I could be a part of your celebration!!







Arches National Park

September 22, 2013

Arches National Park has the most incredible colors of rock and arch formations--especially during sunrise and sunsets!  The last picture I experimented using my 500mm at sunset with the La Sal mountain range in the background.

_MEJ7703-2_MEJ7703-2 _MEJ7719_MEJ7719 _MEJ7758_MEJ7758 _MEJ7883_MEJ7883

Rocky Mountain Women's Disc Golf Championships 2013

September 15, 2013

It was an incredible field of top women disc golf players in the world (Valarie Jenkins, Paige Pierce, Sarah Hokom & Catrina Allen) gathered in Denver for the Rocky Mountain Women's Disc Golf Championships in support of breast cancer using the pink baskets.  The weather included sun, rain, wind, lightning and tornado warnings in the background.  Valarie Jenkins weathered the elements to win the 2013 championship!

_MEJ7141-2_MEJ7141-2 _MEJ7139_MEJ7139 _MEJ7131-2_MEJ7131-2 _MEJ7160_MEJ7160