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Avery and Leah Wedding

October 15, 2016

Doni and I had the pleasure of traveling to Pawhuska, Oklahoma to capture this incredible outdoor wedding with Avery and Leah at "The Lodge".  I was really excited not to run into any snakes!!!

_MEJ6147_MEJ6147 _MEJ6116_MEJ6116 _MEJ6178_MEJ6178 _MEJ6258_MEJ6258 _MEJ6192_MEJ6192 _MEJ6279_MEJ6279 _MEJ6275_MEJ6275 _MEJ6286_MEJ6286 _MEJ6467_MEJ6467 _MEJ6405_MEJ6405 _MEJ6567_MEJ6567 _MEJ6588_MEJ6588 _MEJ6446_MEJ6446 _MEJ6457_MEJ6457 _MEJ6628_MEJ6628 _MEJ6689_MEJ6689 _MEJ6675_MEJ6675 _MEJ6668_MEJ6668 _MEJ6676_MEJ6676 _MEJ6682_MEJ6682 _MEJ6841_MEJ6841 _MEJ6305_MEJ6305

Lauren Koobs

August 22, 2016

Doni and I had fun working with Lauren...the lighting was perfect and the smile & eyes were amazing!

_MEJ2167-2_MEJ2167-2 _MEJ2203_MEJ2203 _MEJ2251_MEJ2251 _MEJ2256_MEJ2256 _MEJ2186_MEJ2186 _MEJ2264_MEJ2264 _MEJ2286_MEJ2286 _MEJ2291_MEJ2291 _MEJ2311_MEJ2311 _MEJ2316_MEJ2316 _MEJ2320_MEJ2320 _MEJ2358_MEJ2358 _MEJ2382_MEJ2382 _MEJ2393_MEJ2393

Grace Parsons

August 15, 2016

Grace made it really easy for Doni and I to photograph her senior pictures with a natural smile like this!

_MEJ1628_MEJ1628 _MEJ1663_MEJ1663 _MEJ1666_MEJ1666 _MEJ1674-2_MEJ1674-2 _MEJ1698_MEJ1698 _MEJ1703_MEJ1703 _MEJ1724_MEJ1724 _MEJ1766_MEJ1766 _MEJ1770_MEJ1770 _MEJ1782_MEJ1782 _MEJ1799_MEJ1799 _MEJ1805_MEJ1805 _MEJ1822_MEJ1822 _MEJ1824_MEJ1824 _MEJ1856_MEJ1856 _MEJ1877_MEJ1877 _MEJ1896_MEJ1896 _MEJ1906_MEJ1906

Nico and Shelby

July 30, 2016

Doni and I have know the Goetz family for years but first met Nico at one of the "Goetz" family photo sessions in 2013.  We were then excited to capture Nico & Shelby's engagement photos in 2015 and now honored to photograph their beautiful wedding at Highlands Ranch Mansion.  Nico and Shelby, thanks for letting Doni and I be a part of your special day!!  You are an awesome couple!!

_MEJ0613_MEJ0613 _MEJ0644_MEJ0644 _MEJ0675_MEJ0675 _MEJ0688_MEJ0688 _MEJ0783_MEJ0783 _MEJ0831_MEJ0831 _MEJ0994_MEJ0994 _MEJ1004_MEJ1004 _MEJ1064_MEJ1064 _MEJ1197_MEJ1197 _MEJ1232_MEJ1232 _MEJ1238_MEJ1238 _MEJ1270_MEJ1270 _MEJ1335_MEJ1335 _MEJ1380_MEJ1380 _MEJ1286_MEJ1286 _MEJ1481_MEJ1481

Breauna Gray

July 22, 2016

Doni and I really enjoyed photographing Breauna's senior pictures!

_MEJ0065_MEJ0065 _MEJ0081_MEJ0081 _MEJ0099_MEJ0099 _MEJ0121_MEJ0121 _MEJ0155_MEJ0155 _MEJ0157_MEJ0157 _MEJ0161_MEJ0161 _MEJ0175_MEJ0175 _MEJ0200_MEJ0200 _MEJ0208_MEJ0208 _MEJ0214_MEJ0214 _MEJ0222_MEJ0222 _MEJ0250_MEJ0250 _MEJ0298_MEJ0298 _MEJ0309_MEJ0309

Heart of Hearts Gala 2015

November 19, 2015

Our Heart of Hearts Gala this year included an incredible concert by Kenny G.  The proceeds benefited our breast cancer care at Avista, Castle Rock, Littleton, Parker and Porter Adventist Hospitals.

_MEJ0037_MEJ0037 _MEJ0079_MEJ0079 _MEJ0238_MEJ0238 _MEJ0097_MEJ0097 _MEJ0392_MEJ0392 _MEJ0253_MEJ0253 _MEJ0406_MEJ0406

Shelby and Nico

October 25, 2015

An awesome was so fun for Doni and I to capture them in the fall colors!

_MEJ8701_MEJ8701 _MEJ8699_MEJ8699 _MEJ8908_MEJ8908 _MEJ9044_MEJ9044 _MEJ9080_MEJ9080 _MEJ9101_MEJ9101 _MEJ9113_MEJ9113



August 18, 2015

The location was great...but the eyes and smiles were incredible!!  Doni and I had so much fun spending time with Hannah!

_MEJ3720_MEJ3720 _MEJ3731_MEJ3731 _MEJ3739_MEJ3739 _MEJ3768_MEJ3768 _MEJ3929_MEJ3929

_MEJ3801_MEJ3801 _MEJ3847_MEJ3847 _MEJ4022_MEJ4022 _MEJ4036_MEJ4036 _MEJ4059_MEJ4059 _MEJ4168_MEJ4168 _MEJ4246_MEJ4246

Dale and Trisha Wedding

August 02, 2015

Doni and I had such an incredible time capturing Dale and Trisha's special day in Couer d'Alene, Idaho.  An awesome bride and groom at an amazing location, the Couer d'Alene Resort Golf Course.

_MEJ1769_MEJ1769 _MEJ1775_MEJ1775 _MEJ1812_MEJ1812 _MEJ1807_MEJ1807

_MEJ1850_MEJ1850 _MEJ1865_MEJ1865 _MEJ1880_MEJ1880 _MEJ2148_MEJ2148 _MEJ2253_MEJ2253 _MEJ2071_MEJ2071 _MEJ2338_MEJ2338 _MEJ2524_MEJ2524 _MEJ2589_MEJ2589 _MEJ2604_MEJ2604


Rocky Mountain Women's Disc Golf Championships 2015

June 21, 2015

It's always exciting to watch the best women in the world when they come to Colorado for the Rocky Mountain Women's Disc Golf Championships.  This was another great year with Sarah Hokom taking the title followed by Paige Pierce, Paige Bjerkaas, Valarie Jenkins and Ragna Bygde.

_MEJ8434_MEJ8434 _MEJ8313_MEJ8313 _MEJ8414_MEJ8414 _MEJ8401_MEJ8401 _MEJ8343_MEJ8343


March 08, 2015

From Marine captain to Beautiful family!  Doni and I had a blast photographing Ashley and her handsome boys!!

_MEJ2924_MEJ2924 _MEJ2956_MEJ2956 _MEJ2932_MEJ2932 _MEJ3001_MEJ3001 _MEJ3112_MEJ3112 _MEJ3165_MEJ3165 _MEJ3194_MEJ3194 _MEJ3228_MEJ3228

Lauren Wolfe

July 22, 2014

Senior pictures with Lauren.  Doni and I enjoyed our time with Lauren and had a beautiful sunset as part of the evening!

_MEJ1454_MEJ1454 _MEJ1682_MEJ1682 _MEJ1724-2_MEJ1724-2

Greg and Sara Wedding week

July 05, 2014

Doni and I had so much fun spending time with Greg and Sara for their wedding in Powell River, British Columbia.


_MEJ9733_MEJ9733 _MEJ9811_MEJ9811 _MEJ9873_MEJ9873 _MEJ9911_MEJ9911 _MEJ9923_MEJ9923 _MEJ9925_MEJ9925 _MEJ9930_MEJ9930 _MEJ9946_MEJ9946 _MEJ9979_MEJ9979 _MEJ0041_MEJ0041

_MEJ0002_MEJ0002 _MEJ0055_MEJ0055 _MEJ0099_MEJ0099 _MEJ0116_MEJ0116 _MEJ0194_MEJ0194 _MEJ0219_MEJ0219 _MEJ0246_MEJ0246 _MEJ0787_MEJ0787

2014 The Memorial

March 02, 2014

This is my fifth year in Scottsdale and Fountain Hills, Arizona, for The Memorial Disc Golf Championships.  Paul McBeth and Paige Pierce won the open championships while Cale Leiviska sank a jump putt from the flooded fairway during the final round.

_MEJ5737_MEJ5737 _MEJ5645_MEJ5645 _MEJ5754_MEJ5754

Worsfold Family

January 01, 2014

Doni and I enjoyed a little winter touch in Colorado with the Worsfold family at a chilly 32 degrees.

_MEJ2561_MEJ2561 _MEJ2412-2_MEJ2412-2 _MEJ2446_MEJ2446 _MEJ2526_MEJ2526 _MEJ2610_MEJ2610 _MEJ2681_MEJ2681 _MEJ2730_MEJ2730